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Sleeping Beauty Concept Art

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This was under construction when I was living in Tokyo. I recently went back for a visit and definitely had to stop by. Artnia is a bar/cafe/gift shop located near Square Enix. It’s hard to miss with it’s egg-shaped appearance. Artnia is essentially separated into three parts: cafe/bar, shop, and showcase room. It’s a little touristy, but the food was not bad and service was great! :)

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That’s it, I’m officially going to CSULB 😃

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I absolutely can’t wait to leave this house and do whatever the fuck I want without hearing your shit.

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Title: Corona and Lime Artist: Shwayze 4,681 plays


Shwayze - Coronoa and Lime

Baby will you be my corona and lime?

And I will be your main squeeze

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It didn’t go exactly as planned but I mean he still said yes 😄 #prom2014 # willyousailwithmetoprom #stupidwind